Marjeta Novak

Marjeta Novak

Marjeta Novak worked for ten years in external and internal communications in diverse corporate, diplomatic and educational contexts, mainly in multicultural teams. Since 2002, Marjeta has been working in the area of organisational, team and personal development. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator and CNVC- certified trainer in nonviolent communication, an empathy-based approach that fuels all her work and interactions, as well as contemporary rite-of-passage guide trained with the School of Lost Borders.

She enjoys hosting spaces where people of diverse backgrounds engage in real dialogue, building on their personal as well as group strengths in order to co-create solutions that are sustainable and life-serving.

Marjeta currently serves as president of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators (IAF Slovenia Chapter). She is also the national steward of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter network, which was birthed in her native Slovenia in early 2000's. When not in the office or workshop spaces, Marjeta enjoys being in wild nature.

"I do my hosting and facilitation work because of the magical moments that I witness when people reconnect with their deepest hopes for themselves, for one another, and for the greater whole – organisation, business, family, community, the world. These moments are doorways into the sphere of possibility and power. From there on, my job is simple: minimal process support to generate a common emergent vision as well as the action steps the participants would enjoy taking to bring this vision into life."

Areas of expertise:

  • Collaborative change design (process and facilitation)
  • Large group facilitation (participatory conferences, congresses)
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Dialogue across divides
  • Art of hosting conversations that matter
  • Circle-based dialogues (Circle, Council, Bohmian dialogue)
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Whole-system thinking
  • Intercultural communication and collaboration


  • Facilitation of co-operation
  • Hosting dialogue across divides
  • Team coaching
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Thinking partner


From Marjeta's 15 minute talk at InCo - The Power Of Innovative Ecosystems conference 2011, Ljubljana:

Unleashing the potential blocked in negativity