Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing

with Jeremy Thres,

at the invitation of and with support from Marjeta Novak & Jaka Kovac

What we offer is an empty form to which you bring yourself, your belief systems, intentions and aspirations. It is deeply informed by our own over twenty years experience, elders both of this land and beyond, and the myth and story in which the seeds and guidance to such rites can be found.

At its heart it is a carefully prepared for period of supported solo fasting and vigil in the wilds (up to four days and nights) following a universal pattern which other than the deliberate preparation mirrors a human life crisis – preparation and severance leading to entering the unknown – the underworld/threshold wild land journey and then incorporation – bringing into the body. A pattern, which with local inflection, is to be found in myth and rite in support of insight and transition the world over.

May this work serve those who come and the wider field of Life.

The Quest takes place over a ten-day period:

  • 2 to 3 days preparation (with group support),
  • up to four days alone fasting in the wilds,
  • followed by a couple of days to support you in your integration and reincorporation of your experience.

Many years of experience have shown that this form, with appropriate preparation, has both the ingredients and is a strong enough experience to be worked with as a rite of passage - an opportunity to engage with and potentially mark significant life changes, dying to the old, opening to the new, and opening to nature’s inspiration in relation to them. For example to more consciously mark one’s adulthood, entering parenthood, the beginning (or end) of a marriage, change of circumstance, personal crisis or career

“To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” ...T.S.Eliot

One doesn’t have to have something to specifically mark for this form to be of value; the focus can also be more primarily, as the name implies, to seek Vision & self-healing, Vision being deep inspiration for Life.

Would a Landtime Quest suit you?

The practice itself is held within a beautiful balance of community and attentively prepared for alone time. It follows a basic pattern - preparation and severance, threshold  - the “liminal” passageway (during which the wheat is threshed from the chaff) and thirdly, return, which is found underpinning such journeys and the story and mythology relating to them around the world (as identified by Joseph Campbell, Van Gennep and others). Such quests are deeply embedded in mythological consciousness – the fasting prophets of Judeo-Christianity, the Grail quests, the wander year, the walkabout, and countless others.

 “Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and storms their energy, while cares drop off like autumn leaves”…John Muir

….indeed they may, but the Quest is also an extremely physical experience. Being without food for a few days is voluntary and generally less difficult than people expect, but personal limits may well be challenged. Participants should therefore be in good physical and mental condition. Preparation often entails committing to this work several months in advance.

We will work in a small group (4 – 8 participants) in order to have enough time for depth of preparation, stories and integration. In preparation for the fast exercises will be offered to help you prepare for the experience and clarify your intention. .

Ethics. We hold the earth to be sacred. We respect, protect, and conserve her, leaving as little trace as possible of our sojourn, or passage through the wilderness. We teach others to do the same.
We are well-trained and experienced in the various aspects of our profession, seeking always the safety and well-being of those we serve.
Wilderness safety procedures are taught to all participants. We construct and maintain safe frameworks within which individuals may mark the end of life transitions or personal crises, providing a beneficial means by which they may incorporate their wilderness passage into a new life purpose or station.
These ethics were inspired by a set originally distilled by Steven Foster and Meredith Little, founders of the School of Lost Borders and who together from their care for the children and love of the Earth have played such a key part in the emergence of contemporary wilderness oriented rites of passage worldwide.   


Jeremy Thres (Smoke). When he first heard the term Visionquest, he knew he had to follow it, undertaking his first fast in Russia before going on to more formally train over several years with Steven Foster and Meredith Little, founders of the School of Lost Borders and authors of the Roaring of the Sacred River. With their encouragement and blessing he began offering this work and also now for many years has offered training and apprenticeships, drawing both on what they share and his own now twenty years’ experience both of the quest and fresh forms such as LandTime that he has himself been developing. His work has been enriched by connection with a number of different elders, Jungian, Indigenous, Buddhist, both of this Land and beyond; Martin Prechtel and Thich Naht Hahn important among them. He has a great love of myth and story and how they also can support us at this time, training in mountain and moorland leadership, psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute, family constellation work, and wilderness first aid.

A native of her beloved sLOVEnia, Marjeta Novak keeps inviting the soul of the land when facilitating complex meetings or gatherings across divides. She has been trained to guide people through transitions by the School of Lost Borders, as well as by other elder friends who contribute to restoring wholeness in the world(s): Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin, Robert Gonzales, Kazuma Matoba. More about Marjeta: www.humus.si

For Jaka Kovac, facilitator and youth worker, the forest has been his beloved place since childhood – it is on long forest walks that he gets most of the ideas for his contributions to the world. Still under the influence of his own Land time quest, he is very much looking forward to supporting this one.


Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing
Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing
Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing
Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing
Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing
  • 19 - 27 September, 2017

  • South Slovenia

To book or for further information contact:

The Wilderness Quest for Vision & self-healing or Vision Fast is a contemporary Quest hugely informed by the School of Lost Borders, whose founders, Steven Foster and Meredith Little, Jeremy traied with many years ago and the school Marjeta trained with more recently.
It does not adhere to any particular denomination, race or creed. It is an empty form with ancient and pancultural roots to which you bring your own values, beliefs, and faiths.

​If you are interested in questing we recommend reading the Sacred Mountain, a handbook for this work (available from Marjeta or myself for £5/E7 or free as part of your deposit) which is essential reading for anyone wishing to participate.The handbook has a list of essential equipment, but we will also correspond closer to the time if not talk directly on the phone in relation to this.


There is no absolute set fee; we propose an exchange guide: EUR 500 - EUR 1000, and deposit asked for (EUR 100). This guide exchange would cover costs related to the Quest (Quest guidance; basic accommodation before and after the solo fast; a couple of main meals – when you book we will provide further information in relation to food during the preparation and time after the quest; as well as Jeremy’s travel costs from and to England). We also would not want to turn someone away for lack of money who is sincerely interested in experiencing a Quest, however it does feel there needs to be some exchange and balance in this, for there are costs and considerable time and commitment to offer such work, so we are open for direct dialogue to explore health all around in relation to this as needs be.  

Location and time

The Quest will be hosted in wonderful wild land in south Slovenia. Support will be offered to self-organise car-sharing from Ljubljana (Slovenia’s centrally-located capital) to the location (90 min drive from Ljubljana). The group will convene on the morning of Tuesday 19th September (11.00 – 12.30; for one o’clock start), and complete by lunchtime of the 27th (@12pm).

To book or for further information contact:


More resources about contemporary rites of passion in Schol of Lost Borders tradition can be found here.

"Thank you once more. It has been a truly empowering year and I am now filled with the courage to stand on my own two feet."  


"Thank you for guiding me with such care, enthusiasm and insightfulness. I feel as if my reach has been extended, that I see further - or in a wider arc of vision." 

Retired child psychologist

 “Thank you beyond words for guiding me through my quest…it has, and continues to deeply affect me in a profound and beautiful way. I have great respect for you and your dedication to this Great Work.”  

Wilderness trek guide

“My son had a wonderful experience with you on Dartmoor, truly visionary, and I am immensely grateful to you for helping it happen, and ensuring it was safe” and, “You feel like a member of the family after your inspirational work with my sons, so important. I'm so happy they did this and that you were there to guide them.” 

Biologist father

...of two boys who on graduation independently quested with us

“At the time I didn’t realise the depth of what I was doing on the Vision Quest and what it meant for my own healing.” 


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