Some of the challenges we enjoy working with in organisations (be it in corporate, educational, NGO, community or family setting):

System-level interventions

Contact us if you:

  • look for fresh, innovative ways in dealing with existing challenges
  • want to increase employee motivation
  • aim at your leaders/managers sharing more power, responsibility and initiative with their employees
  • have too much conflict – or too little (people avoid bringing difficult issues to the table)
  • want to build a safe container for two-way communication (gathering innovative ideas for product and process improvement, encouraging constructive feedback, sharing unwelcome news and concerns early on)
  • want to improve decision-making across levels and departments
  • want to devise a compelling strategy that serves people, profit and planet
  • want to bring the organisation’s identity, mission, vision or values to a new level, to better serve the current and future needs of all key stakeholders
  • look for sustainable solutions to complex challenges by involving diverse stakeholders (employees of all levels, across departments; including business partners, clients and contractors; engaging representatives from the local community …)
  • seek change & transformation processes that work – which address root causes of the issue
  • want to build resilience for outstanding results in challenging times
  • want to humanise the workplace – look for common-sense solutions engaging the whole person and the whole system


Conflict & collaboration

We can help you transform the following counterproductive conflict (or lack of communication) into collaboration:

  • conflict across departments
  • conflict within top management team or management board
  • conflict in an intercultural setting
  • conflict across generations


Engaging events

We might be able to help you if you:

  • look for highly-engaging, fun and productive events for employees across levels, profiles and departments – fresh alternatives to company celebrations, launch events, large group meetings and team building enterprises