Each workshop is unique

First, we ask & listen. We want to learn about your specific situation, goals, challenges, insights, stories, strengths, as well as existing organisational tools. The more input we get, the better we can serve. Whenever relevant, wee gather individual participants’ needs and perspectives ahead of the workshop(s) - in an anonymous web-supported survey – which help us design quality programmes that meet the needs of as many stakeholders as possible.


We work on real-life issues

We aim at creating learning events which deal with your specific challenges already during the workshop: we practice the skills learned by applying them to your real-life situations. A portion of the workshop time is used for individual- and/or team planning, in order to transfer the insights and know-how into your workplace.

We help you integrate newly-learned principles, tools and techniques with your existing organisational systems.


We share principles and tools

Our experience has shown that the best results are obtained when participants identify the principles on which they want to base their behaviours – rather than memorise recipes which may or may not work in specific situations. A combination of principles, tools and techniques yields best results, as it provides a sound basis from which to create workable solutions tailored to specific circumstances.


Whole-system and whole-person solutions

We support individuals, teams and organisations through transformation towards better collaboration. We do this by combining ‘hard’ approaches (issue analysis, objective setting, strategic planning, quality management …) with ‘soft’ ones (dialogue, inspiration, personal development). We look for whole-system and whole-person solutions that balance short- and long-term results.


We create a stimulating learning environment

We use a variety of approaches, so that people with various learning styles, profiles and personal histories are stimulated to get the most out of the learning experience.

All our workshops are highly interactive and experiential. The use of PPT has been limited to a minimum – we prefer face-to-face conversations. We aim at creating a ‘learning lab’ climate, in which everybody feels invited to share & learn from one another.


We enjoy doing what we are good at

We know what we’re good at, and what we enjoy doing:

  • improving collaboration
  • for better results and a higher quality of life./better life
  • establishing true understanding through dialogue, improving motivation for genuine and creative collaboration, achieving high efficiency while at the same time supporting every involved individual and even having fun.

We also know which areas are outside our expertise or interest – and tell you so. In these cases we refer you to other specialists who might better help you with your specific issue.


We see potential where people see obstacles

We not only stand the fire of conflict, but we enjoy helping people go through conflict, in order to transform dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours into goal-serving interactions.

We build on strength-based approaches that evoke the best in people, teams and organisations.