Team coaching

Just as any top sports team needs a coach to bring out the best from team members (and the team as a whole), workplace teams too can profit from an external coach to help them identify, develop and mobilise their inner strengths, maximizing the performance of the entire team. In a process that typically lasts from three to 18 months, the coach regularly meets with the team to determine purpose, goals and objectives, evaluate progress and support the team and individuals in the change process.

Building blocks of a successful team coaching may include:

  • Performance and collaboration review (facilitated in a supportive, manner that fosters trust)
  • Communicative competency building of team members (through experiential workshops)
  • Mediation (between individuals or subgroups) and dialogue
  • Collaborative co-creation of team purpose, vision, values and goals
  • Facilitation of collaborative action-planning for improved structures, processes and interactions in the workplace
  • Follow-up sessions to sustain team development momentum