• Strategic planning

    Strategic planning

    Strategic planning can be a ‘nuisance’ on the leader’s to-do list – or it can be an inspirational collaborative process that brings added value for all involved: bold ideas, innovative solutions, and clear action plans.More »
  • High-stake meetings

    High-stake meetings

    Meetings are the most universal - and universally despised - part of business life. They are plagued by lack of focus, ineffectiveness, domination and unsatisfactory outcomes. The more there is at stake, the more participants tend to defend their interests – failing to see the larger picture, and forgetting the shared aim for the session.More »
  • Culture integration

    Culture integration

    Today's organisations are continuously reshaping themselves to proactively respond to the external and internal challenges – by reinventing their missions, restructuring, merging, acquiring other organisations ...More »
  • Innovation


    In today's organisations, there is little room left for creativity and innovation on a daily basis: while tight control, bureaucratic division of tasks, and hierarchical order of command provide an efficient working environment for executing tasks, they do not encourage nonconventional thinking and solutions.More »
  • Team building

    Team building

    Team building events are usually set on adventurous outdoor locations (abundant in Slovenia!), where the team faces common challenges which require team orchestration and action. They can be fun and insightful – but they can also be much more.More »
  • Participative conferences

    Participative conferences

    Conferences and congresses have been traditionally designed as series of lectures, during which the participant doze off, or, more recently, switch to SMS-ing, working or internet surfing on their mobile devices.More »