People who live or work together - partners, colleagues, employees, relatives - come into conflict in ways that may be damaging to themselves and others around them.

In organisational settings, conflicts are often ignored, suppressed or avoided. If unresolved, they affect productivity, peace of mind and the health of the organisation, the team and the individuals involved..

Conflict mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that aims to rebuild dignity and relationships, as well as establish trust from which quality solutions can emerge. The mediator's appreciative (as opposed to evaluative) approach helps participants understand each other's perspectives, values and needs. Once an emphatic connection is established, solutions are easily fabricated. Mediation has proven to be an enormously time- and cost-effective tool for dealing with conflict in organisational setting.

We offer mediation:

  • within a team (between co-workers, subgroups or between an individual and the team),
  • between groups, teams, departments,
  • between management and co-workers,
  • between individuals.