• Leadership


    In turbulent times, the leader needs a highly-motivated, creative and proactive team that can respond well to the ever-greater challenges and expectations set by various stakeholders – clients, employees, owners, business partners, community at large...More »
  • Communication and conflict resolution

    Communication and conflict resolution

    Conflict is often perceived as a win-lose battle that ends in less cohesion and more frustration in the team. What if we were able to deconstruct this outdated paradigm, and embrace conflict as an opportunity to authentically express the needs and values of everyone involved, and then create solutions based on this shared understanding?More »
  • Teamwork


    Every individual brings into the team not only professional knowledge and skills, but also unique personality traits, unconscious expectations, implicit communication preferences and automatic responses based on past experiences.More »
  • Intercultural management

    Intercultural management

    In international business, cultural conditioning plays an important, yet often unrecognised role: it affects work ethic, communication styles, expectations of the boss, attitudes to time and contracts.More »
  • Generations at work

    Generations at work

    The speed of economic, technological, political, societal and environmental changes impacts values and expectations of generations in today's workplace: the young generation's perceptions and expectations have been for example impacted by digital technology to the extent unimaginable by the oldest generation of co-workers or customers ...More »
  • Creative problem solving

    Creative problem solving

    In today's organisations, there is little room for creativity and innovation on a daily basis: while tight control, bureaucratic division of tasks, hierarchical order of command provide an efficient working environment for executing tasks, they do not encourage unconventional thinking and solutions.More »