Cross-cultural skills

Immersion into other cultures’ worldviews can be an invigorating experience that hugely broadens personal horizons as well as the collective sphere of possibilities.

All trainings and other co-learning events are custom-designed, with the aims to:

  • Increase awareness of one’s own cultural baggage and values
  • Understand key cross-cultural differences in:
    • Worldviews and values (such as task – relationship focus; role of hierarchy; attitudes to agency ...)
    • Management styles
    • Communication styles (directness, feedback, meetings, negotiations)
    • Managing time, priorities, and deadlines
  • Analyse possible situations in which misunderstandings may arise and identify ways of communicating
  • Transform conflicts, and co-create solutions in cross-cultural contexts
  • Reduce stress and misunderstandings


For culture-specific trainings, a culture expert may be co-facilitating the learning experience.

An invitation to unleash potential in individuals, organisations and communities by capitalising on alternative cultural perspectives; generating creative solutions; and increasing personal efficacy (as well as joy!) while working in multi-cultural settings.


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