Inclusive leadership

Much of engaging leadership in 21st century resembles being a host – rather than a hero who provides all the answers. A good host finds a purpose to connect people, invites those who could contribute and/or benefit from the engagement, provides a welcoming yet creative space, and then joins in the conversation, while all the time paying attention on meta level: what is happening, what is missing, how engaged people are, where and when to gently intervene if needed.

What are some practices that support the ‘hero to host’ shift?

  • Shared clarity of purpose and principles: why are we in this (organization, team, group, community) together?
  • Leading by hosting
  • Inviting – rather than coercing (use the 'pull power’ of invitation – rather than ‘push’ approaches)
  • Creating inspiring spaces: physical, psychological, conversational
  • Hosting core conversations that foster aliveness in people and teams
  • Offering transformative questions (rather than answers)
  • Knowing when to step forward – and when to step back & invite others to shine
  • Intervening when necessary to keep direction, focus and engagement
  • Celebrating milestones, transitions, endings, successes

In today’s dynamic, changeable, interconnected world, the leader’s role has been rapidly changing: from shining & providing answers, to creating spaces in which others shine & co-create solutions.

Some formats to hone host leadership skills and experience:

  • Open events that offer participatory experience
  • Facilitation for leaders workshops
  • Inclusive/facilitative leadership trainings
  • Listening experiences and trainings
  • Presentations and workshops on crafting powerful questions
  • Facilitative leadership one-off events (such as Pro Action Café)
  • Co-developing your own approach to becoming a host leader
  • ….

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