Life transitions

How to honour life transitions, find belonging and restore re-enchantment with life?

As I am writing this, I am aware that everything in my life so far – all the joys, the losses, the learnings, the offerings, the parentings, the partnerships - have been preparing me for this special journey in the second half of my life: to explore ways how to witness each other in the crucial thresholds of our lives; to receive protection, encouragement and guidance as we cross over into the unknown.

Endings and beginnings happen in fact every day; however, there are major life transitions that call for  extra acknowledgement – and we in the Western cultures have lost the wisdom and the practices for honouring them in a conscious and restorative way. Some major thresholds in our lives might be:

  • Receiving newborns into our communities
  • Honouring death and the dying
  • Grieving in times of major losses (of health, relationship, future potential, dreams …)
  • Marking the beginning of a significant relationship
  • Reviving the relationship’s spirit in regular intervals
  • Honouring endings of relationships
  • Marking beginnings and endings of jobs and work partnerships
  • Marking transitions from adolescence into adulthood: becoming a woman/man
  • Transitioning into eldership
  • Beginning a new job or career path
  • Transitioning from active work into retirement
  • Celebrating completion of projects/initiatives
  • Celebrating beginning of a new initiative or community
  • Honouring anniversaries
  • ….

Each ending is also a new beginning – and each beginning marks an ending of what is no longer to be. Conscious closures and beginnings help restore wholeness in the human psyche.
Some of the key ingredients in contemporary rite-of-passage offerings are community, story, circle, ceremony, reverence for what is precious. Nature can be a powerful ally, waiting to be called in for restoring wholeness in individuals, communities and the world.
These ingredients can be creatively mixed into a unique offering that is a doorway to the larger story that is emerging.


How can I help?

  • By conducting a customized event that honours what is, or has been, precious in endings/beginnings
  • By offering open workshops such as:
    • Wilderness quests for vision and healing
    • Grieving circles and workshops
    • Story-sharing circles
    • Gift walks in nature

Besides learning from my own life  experiences (of being a mother, single parent, step-mother, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, facilitator, host, circle carrier, vision quester ….), I received rich guidance by the School of Lost Borders, with whom I trained as a contemporary rites-of-passage guide. This practice has been strengthened by working alongside Jeremy Thres. My friends Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea have been my mentors in so many ways – not just for holding circles and wilderness quests, but also how to hold Life, and see people in their utmost potential.

The many years of nonviolent communication engagement (as practitioner and certified trainer) strengthened my empathy and compassion capacity so that I can receive whatever emerges in people with openness and love.

And then there is this major teacher, partner and co-holder: the land.

Please engage in a dialogue with me to explore how I could support you in crossing your thresholds. 



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