Nonviolent communication

Nonviolent communication is an ‘operating system’ for collaborating within the partnership paradigm that has proven useful and beneficial in a range of human interactions: from conflict resolution to organizational development to family and personal growth.

It is a consciousness, toolkit and language rooted in the idea that people are connected through deeply-held needs that are drivers for all thoughts and actions. Once the re-connection to oneself and others through needs is established, truth can be spoken and heard free of blame; and solutions get co-created that serve all involved.

The approach was developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg (one of Marjeta's direct teachers), and has been rapidly spreading around the world. Marjeta belongs to the global community of CNVC-certified trainers, and has been co-stewarding the local (Slovenian) community of nonviolent communication (NVC) practitioners in Slovenia. 

Marjeta has shared Nonviolent communication with groups in Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Japan, Tahiti, the US and Vietnam.

Nonviolent communication is shared:

  • in tailor made workshops (see potential topics in the right column) - online or onsite,
  • open workshops
  • open international seminars and gatherings

Some topics that nonviolent communication covers:*

(*This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to dialogue how NVC can support you or your group/organisation)

  • Basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation
  • Speaking truth without blame
  • Reclaiming personal presence in intense situations
  • Giving feedback in a way that connects
  • Dialoguing with 'difficult' participants, clients, co-workers
  • Healing broken relationships
  • Compassionate inner dialogue
  • Life-affirming parenting
  • Mourning our losses
  • Personal evolution through connection to Life

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