Strategic dialogues

What does a facilitator do?

  • In preliminary conversations with the client:
    • help client crystalise the purpose of meeting/gathering and expected outcomes;
    • plan whom to invite for best results
    • find a suitable venue that fosters engagement and aliveness
    • forge an invitation that reflects the purpose and spirit of the meeting
  • Design the process: create meeting arc, select tools and templates, plan outcome harvest
  • Guide the process to foster:
    • Focus and engagement
    • Contributions by all participants in all key phases of process
    • Shared understanding (‘large picture’) of the issue/challenge
    • Co-creating solutions within wide spheres of possibility
    • Recording of key ideas, insights and outcomes
    • Clarity about next steps
    • Efficient use of time (and money – unproductive meetings are costly) 
  • Surface deeper values and interests of involved parties when conflicts arise
  • Capture outcomes in a pre-decided shareable format



How to foster focus, inspiration, and shared ownership of results in a complex meeting/gathering?

A skilled facilitator navigates group dialogue towards productive outcomes in a participatory way, capturing all key insights and results.The origin of the word ‘facilitator’ implies ‘easing a process’; in this it implies a person or team of skilled process designers and hosts, who help a group navigate their communication toward sustainable decisions.



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