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About me

Humus – the fertile soil for new growth – in many ways symbolises my work: releasing the old stories that don’t serve anymore, and midwifing new narratives that catalyse synergy and wise action in people, organisations and communities; especially when navigating complex challenges together. By engaging in deep dialogue, unearthing implicit resources, and seeing the big picture, pathways are created towards more life-affirming futures.
My work includes hosting (1)  multistakeholder strategic dialogues; (2)  participatory conferences in which there are no spectators - everybody's contributions are invited; (3) workshops to reclaim the joy and power of dialogue and deep listening to oneself, the other, and the future that is emerging (with a bit of our creative help).

While rooted in beautiful Slovenia, I work internationally; and enjoy exchange and collaboration with my many tribes across the globe: Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, International Association of Facilitators; Center for Nonviolent Communication; The Circle WaySchool of Lost Borders; Reinventing Organizations.

Open workshops

Izgube kot vodniki k polnejšemu življenju

  • 18. maj 2020; od 18.00 do 20.00, v spletnem okolju

Potem ko bomo skupno zarisali krajino izgub, ki jih doživljamo na osebni in skupnostni ravni, bomo izkusili tri veščine, kako se soočiti z velikimi in majhnimi izgubami. Osvetlile nam bomo pot v nadaljnje, bolj celovito in izpolnjujoče življenje.


Global Spring Circle: Hosting the Hosts

  • 23 May, 2020; online circle; 20.00 - 22.00 hrs PDT

Our intention is to offer an online circle for whatever needs to be witnessed in this time of accelerated change, so that we can grow our courage, compassion, and companionship together. This is a global gathering; co-hosted by The Circle Way practitioners (Amanda, Marjeta, Sarah, Stephanie, and Willemijn). Free of charge; please register. Asia, Australia and West America-friendly time slot.


Building resilience in organisations and educational systems - appreciative learning lab

  • 3 - 8 June, 2020; Crete / Greece

This course offers practical tools on how to build reactive and proactive resilience on individual and organisational level through co-learning in times of challenges and change – by using proven methods that build resilient and appreciative perception, reflection and action. Set in Crete, Greece; co-led by Dr Markos Perrakis and Marjeta Novak. 


Response-ability: Leadership Learning lab

  • 7 - 9 October, 2020; Terme Olimia, Slovenia

Leadership in turbulent times is about taking responsible, purposeful, and innovative action in a world that is changing, challenging, complex, and unpredictable.Learn how to surf on the waves of chaos and build capacity for sustainable success.
Join us for a unique 2.5-day leadership conference – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices.
No spectators, everybody in. In one of sLOVEnia's  amazing spa towns; surrounded by forest and water.



SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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