Facilitation skills lab

In online and/or face-to-face settings

At its essence, facilitation is process support that helps create wise decisions – by guiding the process to foster focus, inspiration, and shared ownership of results.


Facilitation skills help:

  • Generate ways forward on complex issues
  • Run more meaningful, creative and productive meetings
  • Make wise decisions
  • Help align project team members towards shared goals
  • Create collaborative work cultures
  • Enliven, and bring meaning, to ‘routine gatherings’ such as conferences, team-building events, celebrations, learning events ...


Workshops are highly interactive; adaptable to the group's needs and aspirations; covering a wide range of issues that make or break a facilitated process: from a facilitator’s inner attitude (assumptions, focus, hospitality) to understanding group dynamics to experiencing easy-to-use techniques that can be applied to a variety of participatory setting.

Key topics addressed:

  • Overview of a facilitated process: preparation, delivery, reporting, reflection
  • Contracting with client – what answers you need
  • Tools and techniques for divergent and convergent phases of group visioning processes:
    • Finding gripping inquiry focus/problem/challenge
    • Understanding large picture, finding common ground
    • Idea generation & selection
    • Support for implementation
    • Process/project reviews for co-learning
  • Decision-making formats that best fit specific contexts
  • Maintaining safe & brave space with perspective towards results
  • Power of questions
  • Summarising and reporting
  • Working with intensity (polarisation, conflict, emotions)
  • Working in online contexts

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