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Open workshops

Europe's annual festival in Nonviolent Communication this summer in Slovenia

  • 22 - 29 July, 2017

In the spirit of previous European NVC Summer Festivals, this family-friendly festival will be held in an open space format. Any participant, regardless of experience, can offer or attend workshops; in the spirit of giving, receiving, learning, teaching, and practicing compassion for oneself, others and community as a whole.


Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self –healing

  • 19 - 27 September, 2017

A journey undertaken into the wilds, often in response to a blockage or a transition made or being made, to seek healing elixir, vision and or inspiration for Life. With Jeremy Thres, Marjeta Novak and Jaka Kovač; in south Slovenia, 19 - 27 September, 2017


About me

Ever since my first student jobs (as a hotel rep and airline stewardess) I have been exploring what fosters aliveness and contribution in workplace, community and personal settings.

Since 2002 I have been working as a co-operation facilitator, consultant and trainer, building on strength-based approaches that reconnect people and groups with their purpose and potential.
I am a Certified Professional Facilitator, national steward of Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, CNVC-certified trainer in nonviolent communication and contemporary life transitions guide trained with the School of Lost Borders.

I am based in my native Slovenia and work internationally. 

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