Intergenerational workplace café

40 employees of a financial department in a multinational corporation gathered to improve on cross-generational collaboration: what do they want to be understood about by others - co-workers, leaders, other generations? What is key for them to be motivated to fully contribute?  How do these human needs translate into concrete work practices? What actions to take next, individually and collectively, to  appreciate and capitalyse on the multi-generational resources present?
While there were many similarities, there were also clearly different expectations towards leaders and teammates, especially from the youngest generation.

Listening to the young ones can be very inspiring in these fast-changing times. The young ones – with their mindsets, heart desires, skills and practices – show us a glimpse of the course that the future is already taking. How about meeting the future as a collective; in a dialogic, fun and productive environment? 

Employees as talent scouts

Where to look for talented new colleagues that would really fit with an organisation's culture? As Google and many other vibrant companies have learnt, current employees are one of the richest resources of new …. Yet they rarely reach out to their networks to recommend friends and colleagues – they are too focused on their own job.

In this half-day facilitated process, key messages from potential new colleagues (why to work for this fast-evolving company) were created by employees themselves, anchoring the idea of ‘employees as talent-scouting ambassadors’ was anchored in the company culture. In a fun, creative environment that is as enjoyable as any traditional teambuilding event – only perhaps more meaningful. 

The Art of Hosting Next Stage Organising

How to be and work together in an organization where the whole self is engaged, the work inspired by an evolutionary purpose and the work organized directly by the people doing it?

This initial inquiry brought people from several continents together in Obenaus Community, hosted on a farm near Slovenian-Austrian border. Inspired by the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matters,  Frederic Laloux, Enlivening Edge and other (ad)venturers into the unknown, the three-day gathering was a prototype on many levels: exploring next-stage organising while embraced and inspired by a real co-living and co-working space. More to follow in the summer of 2018.

International Nonviolent Communication festival

Nonviolent communication (NVC) approach as originally shared by Dr Marshall Rosenberg is both a partnership-based consciousness and a communication ‘tool’ that helps us think, relate and choose from authenticity and connection. How to live these principles in real life?
The week-long festival that gathered 170 NVC practitioners from more than 20 countries aimed at just that: to live learn our human interdependence in a way that empowers oneself and others.

The basic ‘operating system’ of the week was skilfully-hosted Open Space social technology with daily circles where the whole community was invited to come together, to create the programme and share learnings. It was a week that showed how Nonviolent Communication and the Art of Hosting complement each other in manifesting partnership-based consciousness and actions.

Collective strategic planning for alignment towards desired outcomes

The benefits of well-facilitated strategy planning workshops are two-fold: (1) collective foreseeing, visioning and planning towards desired future outcomes as well as (2) the alignment along levels and departments that happens during the process itself, focusing intent and resources towards the same ‘north star’. This ‘north star’ then guides future decisions that are taken across organisation.

A skilled facilitator can provide a process that catalyses many ideas and resources across organisation. In one of the recent workshops, the whole company (a financial institution) was involved in strategic planning; in a focused yet relaxed environment that sustained energy and engagement throughout the process.

Connecting businesses for Smart mobility towards green future

100 representatives of Slovenia’s innovative businesses creating smart mobility solutions towards a green future gathered for a day to map out key change agents already active in the field as well as form new collaborations; with an aspiration that Slovenia become a green lab for smart transport solutions. With support and presence of European Commissioner for Transport, Slovenian Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure.

Public engagement for Vision of Slovenia 2050

In seven events across the country 450 people from all walks of life participated in a government-initiated co-creation of Vision Slovenia 2050; with Marjeta as lead facilitator. Using a mixture of hostng/facilitation methodologies – such as Appreciative Inquiry and the World Café – it was powerful to witness how aligned participants across different locations were towards a green, sustainable vision that honours the humans as well as the land. Participants joined the visioning process either by invitation (representatives across sectors), or of their own interest. The vision serves as a basis for the strategy for Slovenia with a 2030 perspective, and concrete action plans till 2020.

Stakeholders involvement in drafting the Energy Concept of Slovenia

In the process of adopting Slovenia’s “energy concept” as a basic national energy programme document in 2050 perspective, the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure engaged Natalija Vrhunc and Marjeta Novak in 2016 to facilitate a series of workshops in which representatives of various interest groups (energy sector, transport, academia, public sector, environmental NGOs, professional chambers …) met face-to-face to share and align their contributions towards the improvement of the draft document.

Communication skills for Knowmads Hanoi team

Knowmads Hanoi, a Vietnamese offspring of Knowmads Amsterdam, is an innovative business school that invites young people on a journey of self-discovery to create positive changes in their communities. Marjeta has been invited to support the international Knowmads team with nonviolent communication awareness & skills in a three-day workshop and an open learning fest. This globally –recognised approach to relating, choosing, connecting and speaking has been found helpful in a number of areas – from work to family to friends to communities, even in intense situations and conflicts.

Art of Participatory Leadership

Marjeta was the caller and co-host/facilitator of this three-day experiential learning event designed to deepen personal capacity to effect transformation in a complex world, and to explore how to travel with others towards a common goal in a way that honours both individual and collective potential.For the three days of this training, 60+ extraordinary humans came together; bringing gifts and experiences from many countries, cultures and disciplines; a group whose strength lies in its diversity and its shared intention to shift the culture of collaboration within teams, organisations, communities in Slovenia and beyond. Read more about the outcomes and participants’ impressions.

Strengths of Slovenia

August 16-17, 2013: As a collective response to the severe social, economic, and spiritual crisis that affected Slovenia, on Marjeta's invitation (and with the help of an international hosting team), 70 people (50 from Slovenia, 20 from abroad) gathered for a 1.5-day event to inquire about the DNA of Slovenia – the core that sustains its people and land in tough times. Using Art of Hosting methodologies, with a special focus on Appreciative Inquiry, participants inquired into the country’s unique strengths, found like-minded people, and built coalitions for further actions. The event also inspired many participants to learn, and transfer, participatory processes to their own contexts (in communities and organisations). To get a sense of this collaborative exploration, have a look at the narrative harvest and gallery of the event.



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