What sources me

I am who I am because of the lands and the peoples who have shaped me.
First of all there is this magical land I am honoured to live on: sLOVEnia. It gives me roots, and it fuels my spirit. Among many other  places of power that are dear to me I particularly treasure Greece (Crete especially).
My mother Rozi gifted me empathy; my father Frenki a clarity of mind. 
My children, now thriving young adults, are my eternal call to what really matters.
And then there is this tribe of friends who share the same passions in many places around the world (as well as at home): thank you for journeying together.



Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter

Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter is both an inspiring global community (that was birthed in my native Slovenia) and a platform of resources, learnings, inspiring questions. Formed in the true spirit of co-creation towards greater good, it has no opragnisational platform, no leader, and no copyright.

In its essence, it is an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges



Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry focuses on leveraging an organization's core strengths, rather than seeking to overcome or minimize its weaknesses. It is a systematic discovery into the vital core of any living system (organization, group, team, community, family, individual) and a strategic tool to manifest its full potentiality for the benefit of the whole. It is both a comprehensive multi-stakeholder change management tool, and a worldview that can be applied to a wide range of small-scale interventions (meetings, job interviews, coaching …).





Reinventing organisations: from book to movement

Frederic Laloux’s groundbreaking  book about next-stage organisations was written  for people (founders of organizations, leaders, coaches, and advisors) who sense that something is broken in the way we run organizations today and who feel deeply that more must be possible… but wonder how to do it. The book started off a whole global movement that restores hope and offers practical examples and tools for transforming organizations into soulful workplaces, full of authenticity, community, passion, and purpose. Learn more …






I see circle as the prototype of the emerging culture of co-creation, which many organizations, groups, families and communities are longing for – spaces of power and possibility, in which participants affirm the gifts they each bring into the whole, and together create the future they want. This is enabled by the simple yet powerful structure that allows deep listening, and deep hearing and deep seeing  of oneself, the other and the whole. By slowing down, the group goes beyond the usual opinionating, polarasing, and pressuring conclusions: discovering new possibilities where before they had seen obstacles. Read more ...





Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent communication is an ‘operating system’ for collaborating within the partnership paradigm that has proven useful and beneficial in a range of human interactions: from conflict resolution to organizational development to family and personal growth.

It is a consciousness, toolkit and language rooted in the idea that people are connected through deeply-held needs that are drivers for all thoughts and actions. Once the re-connection to oneself and others through needs is established, truth can be spoken and heard free of blame; and solutions get co-created that serve all involved. Read more ...



School of Lost Borders

The School of Lost Borders is an interconnected circle of men and women who share a deep respect for the land, human nature, ceremony, and each other.
People who are touched by the school’s offerings recognize that a full life is made up of big and small initiating experiences, each one precious and offering opportunities for growth. The school's guides are skilled midwifes in supporting the natural transitions and initiations of living and dying. “Our teachers are the land, the ceremony itself, and each person bold enough to step across the threshold into the unknown mystery of their “becomingness” (adopted from the School’s website).




Village 3.0 : how to create thriving human life in the 21st century

Living in Slovenia (‘a village of villages’), I am inspired by this global exploration of how the essence of a healthy ‘village’ can be lived in the 21 st century. Village 3.0 is  not a brand name nor a prescriptive model, it is a collaborative search to the question: “Given the holistic knowledge we have today about human needs, and the possibilities presented by technological developments, how can we co-create a village which most fully nurtures thriving human life?” An ancient question which needs new answers for the realities of the world we live in today. 





European indigenous wisdom reawakened

I have been super inspired by the collection of books (the key one published by Slovenia’s Academy of Arts and Sciences) about the indigenous Slovenian earth-centered wisdom that was very much alive as little as 100 years ago. Pavle Medvescek, a local custodian, back in the 1960’s earned the trust of a community of nature-worshippers that survived high in Slovenian mountains (near the beautiful Soča river) despite countless attempts by the Christians to wipe these practices (and these people) out. Pavle had been told to wait until 2007 before disclosing their lore, the healing recipes, the sacred places, and the high moral code they practise. This revival goes hand-in-hand with numerous movements around the world, to reclaim indigenous wisdom for restoring wholeness in the human psyche, and in the world.



World Café

The World Café is a structured conversational process, in which small-group ideas are quickly and efficiently linked to access the collective wisdom and co-create solutions. It usually comprises several rounds of small-group conversations held at cosy café-style tables; between the rounds, people switch tables, gather new insights and cross-pollinate ideas.




Open Space Technology

The Open Space Technology enables the participants themselves the shape the agenda (within a strategic theme or purpose), allowing everyone involved to present and discuss issues that are most important to them. In a wider sense, it is an approach to leadership that capitalizes on taking responsibility for what matters while connected to the collective purpose. In terms of format, is can take anything from three-our strategic conversations, to three-day visioning processes, or ten--day learning events.





Pro Action Café

This structured conversational process helps move ideas to actions with the help of community. In the initial stage, participants are invited to present their ideas/initiatives for which they request help in terms of constructive feedback, insights, solutions, potential partners, networks, skills … Other participants offer help in usually three strategically-crafted round, each time with a new constellation of participant helpers – to mutual benefit of all involved, either offering or receiving help. It is a great capacity-building tool that stimulates not only concrete actions, but also resilience within any collective, be it in business or community setting.




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