About us

About us

Humus is short for 'humani uspehi' in Slovenian, meaning something similar to 'the human side of success'.

Humus is of course also the formless material produced from the remains of plants and animals when they have decayed; it is also the food for new living beings. Without it, soil is inactive and unable to foster growth.

Similarly, our mission is to create conditions for optimal growth within organisations - the growth of people, profit, and planet. HR for us stands for 'human relationships'. Interpersonal relations in the workplace are often decayed, badly needing transformation - towards better interpersonal cooperation, real team sprit  - and better results.


Our mission is to help businesses, organisations and communities capitalise on the potential of individuals and groups by using participatory processes that foster positive change.



Marjeta Novak, MSc in communications, has worked in external and internal communications first as a practitioner and then consultant in diverse corporate, diplomatic, educational and non-profit environments, mainly in multicultural teams. An avid explorer of cultures, Marjeta has travelled extensively in over 40 countries, particularly in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Since 2002, Marjeta has been working together with husband Robert Krzisnik in the area of personal, team and organisational development, specialising in cultural competence and group process facilitation. More...