Does authenticity help or hinder dialogue?

‘Be authentic!’ is a buzzword in these chaotic times. But what does it actually mean?
In my experience, there are at least three layers of authenticity; each with implications for the quality of connection, relationship, and collaboration.


Group facilitation between mastery and magic

During the appreciation circle that the organising team held after closing a 170-participant, multigenerational, week-long European Nonviolent Communication Festival, a long-time colleague said to me: “Your large group facilitation was beyond mastery; it had magical qualities.” My inner response: “Well, of course it’s magic – I cannot possibly facilitate such a large group on my own!”
I did not say anything loud at the time though. Later I realised that we rarely (if ever!) speak about the invisible realms of facilitating groups in complex contexts.


How did I make my work/marriage/life too small for me?

In a recent Clearness Committee process I facilitated – in which the committee members are invited to only ask widely open questions, without offering the slightest advice to the focus person in the centre -the focus person shared a challenge she was facing connected to a business project she helped develop. 
At some point during the circle process it dawned on me: it’s time for the ‘David Whyte question’: ‘How are you making this project too small for you?’


Sacred wound as opening to vocation

An old friend of mine recently asked me why do I do what do. This gift of a question opened an inquiry for me that led me to the depths of my soul, my shadow, and ultimately my mission in life.  
At an international conference in 2005, there was an offer of experiencing a “dialogue process” as one of the conference tracks. I just knew I had to be there.


How one person made a difference

This is a story about one courageous individual who almost incidentally landed in Slovenia back in 1989, and touched lives of many. It’s a story of how one humble person can make a difference not only to persons s/he meets, but to a whole system.



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